A downloadable game for Windows

An experimental game based on the tutorial for the Arkanoids remake.

Developer: Riccardo Rolla
Music Theme: Lorenzo Cacciotti

The player can only move horizontally (mouse or arrow keys) the racket with which to bounce the ball against the bricks.

The player must not let the ball fall into the portion of the screen under the racket, otherwise a ball will be lost (there are 5 total available to the player).

Colored lights fall from the background. If the racket picks them up it changes color and can change the color of the ball.

The ball takes the color  racket every time it touches it, and if it touches a brick of the same color it destroys it otherwise create a new brick with the color of the ball.

The goal is to simply stay longer in the game and accumulate as many points as possible.


urkanoids.zip 21 MB